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Reception Staff - temp hire

Whether you manage a hotel, business centre, or even a small business it's vital you have an experienced and welcoming font of house receptionist. First impressions count and set the tone for any business. Receptionist play a major part  every single day as they manage the front on the business from new calls, walk ins, sales esquires, deliveries, managing appointments to so much more. I think it'safe to say without these guys lot's of business's would struggle.

So what happens when your staff are on holiday or call in sick?

Do you have any experienced staff to replace them? If you do replace them who covers the replacements role?
Here at Dreams Agency we feature lots of experienced staff who work these roles day in and day out. We have lots of clients who use us regularly and some who simply keep us on standby for emergencies and sickness. Whatever the reason and whatever the time frame we can cover you. 

How does it work?

Step 1 – Discussing your requirements, wants and needs.

Your dedicated account manager at Exhibition Staff will discuss with you in great detail exactly what you are looking for as this will allow us to speak to the most appropriate staff. Once we know this we can start contacting our team to see if they are interested and available. We will require the below:

  • Date(s) of event

  • Times of each shift

  • Location of event

  • Number of staff needed

  • Brief description of event

Step 2- Our bookings team contact our office temp staff

Exhibition Staff feature over 30,000 working staff on their books and so for some jobs we need to use the power of technology to contact staff at a quicker rate, rather than physically calling everyone. This is done from using the most state of the art booking & management system which no other agency in the world has, how do we know this? Simple, we built our very own bespoke system.  Our booking system is extremely advanced and allows us to manage literally everything. Each of our 30,000 promotional team also have their very own unique staff profile where they login to manage all their Exhibition Staff jobs, as well as constantly updating their profile.

Once we have all of your information we will upload your booking to the system and invite all suitable staff. Our system allows us to invite staff by gender, rating, location, skill sets plus lots more, we can even strip the criteria back to certain height, eye colour, hair colour plus much more. If the staff are interested and available they will simply login and apply for your job and then will appear on your private shortlist page

Step 3 – Viewing your staff selection

We will now send you your very own private shortlist page, which is only available to you and your team. Here you will be able to view details of all of the staff how applied to work your event. If you click on the staff profiles you will be able to view additional information such as images, biography, skill sets and recent events worked. This is a live page meaning when staff apply their profiles will appear on your shortlist.

**Advice – At this stage it’s always best to make your selection sooner rather than later as if the list becomes too old the staff will start to become unavailable as they are likely to accept bookings with other clients. Once you have selected your team please contact your account manager.

Step 4 – Booking form

This is the final part in the process and we simply ask for you to review our terms and conditions and sign off the booking form which lists all of the event details. This will be sent to you electronically and allow you to view and sign on a mobile if you are out of the office.

If you have any other questions about this then please feel free to speak to a member of our team.

Thats a wrap, all done.
You will now receive a confirmation email from us confirming your booking and some final preperation info ready for your event. At this stage we can discuss briefings, clothing and other final details.